6,820 yen (including tax) 1 limited-edition type

A greige purple palette that will make your eyes shimmer like a mysterious starry sky.

The endless night sky becomes a soft veil and dazzling stars are cloaked in transience.

4 cool colors deliver a soft, sensual and ephemeral look―like something from a fantasy.

  • Made with velvet creamy oil*¹, which gives it a velvety soft texture*² that's exceedingly comfortable
  • Thanks to our skin melt technology that coats the powder with oil, it melts onto the skin and adheres snugly
  • Features 3 different types—Sparkle, Matte, and Pearl—in 4 colors for a wide range of finishes
  • Blur the mood color with the blend color to easily achieve a beautiful look

*1 Petroleum jelly: Blendability
*2 Only in blend colors and depth colors

103 Under the Starlight
a:SPARKLE: A sparkling cassis flecked with hints of pearl
b:BLEND: A matte caramel that creates shades that blend in with the skin
c:MOOD: A smoky greige that is cool and shimmering
d:DEPTH: A dusty violet as deep and lustrous as the night sky
  • 103 Under the Starlight
    103 Under the Starlight
103 Under the Starlight
103 Under the Starlight
103 Under the Starlight