ad ・ dic ・ tion [ədíkʃən]


ad・dic・tion [ədíkʃən]

[Noun] [U][C], addiction, dependence, to be zealous, to be unable to stop, 
to be a prisoner of addiction, the sensation of wanting (.....)


ADDICTION is an all-original brand created to satisfy those in pursuit of their own style.
Experience variations in color and texture like never before.
Simple, chic designs that are also highly portable.
Not a single aspect has been overlooked in the brand’s conception, resulting in a luxuriously
high-quality finish that you’ll believe was order made just for you.
A strikingly new makeup brand that create styles to maximize your unique personality.


Addiction Tokyo


TOKYO is a city that continuously captivates global attention as a diverse hub for culture. Bearing that same name of “TOKYO,” a new ADDICTION will now start from January, 2020

Featuring the delicate and fluid sensibilities unique to Japanese artists, each color and texture has been painstakingly selected to complement the others.

Inspired by creativity’s cutting edge, evoke a world that is both edgy and playful.

Universal. Gender-free. Ageless. For those in pursuit of their own style.

An original brand hailing from Japan, the new ADDICTION is ready to deliver its message of beauty to the world.


* Products released after January 2020 will bear the ADDICTION TOKYO logo.