Warning about counterfeit ADDICTION products


Thank you for shopping through the official ADDICTION online store.

There have been confirmed reports of persons distributing counterfeits of some ADDICTION brand products, mainly through e-commerce sites.

ADDICTION cannot guarantee the efficacy or safety of these counterfeit products under any circumstances, and is concerned that the purchase or use of such products poses a risk to the health of customers.

In order to avoid unknowingly purchasing such counterfeit products, we advise our customers to make all purchases through authorized ADDICTION dealers or the official online store.

Please note that we cannot appraise, guarantee or exchange products suspected to be counterfeits, and cannot respond to any accidents, defects or damages caused by them.

We continue to strengthen legal and other measures to eradicate counterfeit products in order to ensure safety and peace of mind for customers when purchasing and using ADDICTION products.

Nevertheless, all customers are advised to continue exercising due caution in order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products by mistake.

Thank you for your continued custom.