4,180 yen each (3,800 yen excluding tax) 3 colors

Add strength and elegance to your glance, with mascara that cares for lashes while providing volume and impact.

This mascara cares for lashes the whole time it’s on, while also creating astounding volume.

With each use, it renews your own lashes’ beauty. Provides intense volume that grows with every coat, keeps lashes separated and clump-free, and holds elegant curl in place, all thanks to our exclusive method.

  • Enjoy the impact of separated, voluminous lashes, from roots to tips
  • Resists clumping ands looks gorgeous even with multiple coats, giving you full control over the volume
  • Long-lasting and resistant against sweat and sebum, for beautiful curl that lasts
  • Formulated with ingredients that moisturize, protect, and repair delicate lashes
  • Film-type that's removable with warm water
  • Gluten free, fragrance free

-Cosmetic Ingredients-

  • 13 types of cosmetic ingredients ... Moisturizers
    8 types of organic plant-derived ingredients (Olea Europaea fruit oil, Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) seed oil, Sesamum Indicum seed oil, Argania Spinosa kernel oil, shea butter, Rosa Canina fruit extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) flower extract) and 5 types of cosmetic oils (Rose hip oil (Rosa Canina fruit oil), squalane, sage oil, lavender oil, Camellia oil)
  • Panthenol…Lash protecting ingredient
  • Ectoin… Lash repair ingredient



1. Highly adhesive wax that controls lashes’ thickness
Bold lash wax covers lashes completely with a smooth, thick coat, then crystallizes.
This bolsters the thickness and presence of each individual lash.
2. Clump-free, so you can layer it on to your heart’s desire
Made with super smooth smoothing film to avoid the uneven application that leads to clumps.
Maintains a smooth line even when you boost volume with multiple coats.
3. Keeps beautiful curl in place
Curl Keep Protector holds lashes’ shape firmly in place after the mascara's moisture vaporizes.
Maintains the beautiful curl you design with a lash curler.
4. Care formulation that nourishes lashes
Contains cosmetic ingredients that are outstanding at moisturizing, protecting, and repairing, so it cares for lashes the whole time it's on.
Easily removable with warm water, so it’s gentle for use on lashes.

*1 (Glyceryl behenate/eicosadioate) *2 PEG -240/HDI copolymer bis-decyltetradeceth-20 ether   
*3 Acrylates/VA copolymer


Volume spoon brush for volume and separation
In a curved shape that fits along the shape of the eye and is calculated to lift lashes firmly up from the roots.
The bristles on the underside are shorter, enabling the brush to hold plenty of mascara, like a spoon.
Coats lashes generously, while the long-bristled brush on the outside of the arch carefully separates each and every lash. Creates dramatic, fan-shaped curl.

001 Black River
Dramatic jet black with an intense shine

002 Honey Brunette
Softly assertive honey brown

003 Guilty Raspberry
Smoky raspberry, smoldering with passion

  • 001 Black River
    001 Black River
  • 002 Honey Brunette
    002 Honey Brunette
  • 003 Guilty Raspberry
    003 Guilty Raspberry
001 Black River
001 Black River
002 Honey Brunette
002 Honey Brunette
003 Guilty Raspberry
003 Guilty Raspberry
001 Black River
002 Honey Brunette
003 Guilty Raspberry